Stay Warm in a Cold Hotel Room

I am a deathly cold person – always freezing and suffering worse that everyone around me. I’ve developed these tools below to better help me keep warm during the cold winter nights away from home. 

First, Warm Yourself

If you know your prone to getting cold then pack a plain long sleeve top and leggings to wear underneath your PJ’s to keep warm. It might seem silly but you can also do light exercise that will heat you up – some jumping jacks or running on the spot. Keep your hat and socks on as you sleep as they say that’s where a lot of heat escapes from. If you’re hungry, boil the kettle and have some warm food like porridge or cup-a-soup. These hacks together will keep you toasty.

Secondly, Warm The Room

Open the bathroom door and run a steaming hot bath / shower for 20mins until the room heats. Also boil the kettle a few times and let the steam heat everything up. Make your room air tight by using your worn clothing as draught excluders under the door and along the window seams. Put the hair dyer on for a little bit and prop it up. Your room should be getting warm by now!

Thirdly, Warm The Bed

About half an hour before you’re going to turn in I recommend warming up your bed. For best results you can pack a hot water bottle (mine was only a few pounds and is light plastic so takes up no weight in my suitcase). Or if you’re packing super light then just a hand warmer to snap and throw in the bed will do. And if you’ve not pre-packed anything then boil the kettle, fill up a water bottle and chuck that in for a bit. Also, if you have one, your laptop will generate a lot of heat. Put it on charge under the covers and take it out before you get in.

Finally, remember you can always ask the hotel for more blankets. They might not be able to provide them but they’ve never said no when I’ve asked before.


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