Why You’re Failing On Your ‘Diet’

Most people perceive diets as short-term ways to drop a dress size before an event. I’ve done these before and they are 100% a diet – which is both it’s success and it’s failure. Read below for my thoughts and feelings for why diet’s suck.

In the modern day, a ‘diet’ is a plan and a restriction designed to drop weight quickly. However what I try my best to promote is a ‘healthy lifestyle’. The difference is that a diet doesn’t teach you anything about energy, the way your body responds to fuel or how to truly make healthy decisions but a healthy lifestyle does.

So many times at work I’ll be snacking on fruit or vegetables and get the question ‘Are you STILL on your diet?’. I respond that I don’t diet, I just eat well and look after myself (I sound like a preacher but they asked!).

The problem with going on a diet isn’t the results. I’m thrilled for you that you dropped some fat your body didn’t need. The problem is that after your 10 days of being healthy, you haven’t learnt a thing. You don’t know about what food keeps you fuller for longer or what a good breakfast is. All you’ve learnt is that less food equals weight loss and a miserable day of denying yourself. And that takes you to a place mentally where you don’t want to ever ‘diet’ again.

However, if you just look after yourself permanently then you will truly gain more than just weight loss. And if done correctly, there will come a point in your journey where it moves from a ‘diet’ to a ‘lifestyle’. For myself there was no one-day, I just noticed it happening where I would naturally pick the healthy meal over my other choices. Also, if I had a binge or a bad day, the next time I got back on the healthy train the days before my next big naughty meal was more every time.

For success there is a huge difference between going on a diet and having a healthy lifestyle. So if you think that diets suck, don’t go on one – just look after yourself.


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