5 Ways to Smartly Pack a Suitcase

Throwing clothes in a suitcase for your latest adventure seems like an easy tasks but these 5 tips could help you pack a little smarter next time. Don’t forget to check my ‘Packing Guides’ to ensure you’re not taking anything you don’t need. Combined with these tips, you’ll be enjoying a stress-free organised suitcase.

1. Prep For Your Arrival

Put any items you’ll need between leaving the house and arriving at your destination on the top of your suitcase (laptop, extra jumper and books come to mind). That way you won’t have to disrupt your perfect packing to grab something quick.

2. Roll It Up

Lay your clothes out flat and roll into cylinders to avoid creasing or movement inside your suitcase.

3. Pack Per Day

Once you know what you’ll be wearing each day, package these items together, ideally in ziplock airtight bags, to avoid confusion when you arrive and to ensure you’re not taking anything you don’t need.

4. Pack In Your Shoes

Make sure your utilise every area of space inside your suitcase by filling your shoes with soft items of clothing such as pants, boxers or socks.

5. Prep For Your Return

Take a few spare plastic bags and when you’re travelling, put your darks laundry in one and your lights laundry in another. Your unused clean clothes can be kept outside the bags ready for putting back in your drawers.



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