BIG Expenses I Don’t Regret


I wrote a post last week on what things I felt buyers remorse over so I decided to do an opposite post about things I’ve spent money on – some would even consider it a lot of money – but that I’m thrilled I did. Below are the most expensive things I’ve purchased that I would do again in a heartbeat.

I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to visit some fantastic wonderful places. However, I only have been able to afford these things from savings and scrimping on other spends. In November 2015 1 visited Manhattan, NY (I posted the photos in a blog post a few days ago), in Summer 2016 I visited several places in France to watch 4 friends get married within a few weeks of each other and in November 2016 I visited Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia. These are the biggest trips I’ve got under my belt but I’ve also travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid and various places around England in my short adult life. It’s true when they say that ‘Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer‘.

I know that rent is dead money but by renting in a very cheap area in the UK I am able to save up for a house. I pay £225 per month in rent to share a house with my partner. For comparison, when I lived in London I was paying £400-500 for a room in a student share home. I reduced my rent considerably, I live in an area that feels more home and I have the chance to save towards a bigger house – something I would not be able to do without having such good rent.

Food as an answer is a bit abstract. What I mean is every meal out, every time I’ve grabbed lunch with a friend or when I’ve cooked a meal for those I love. Food is such as communal thing and can be done for cheap if done correctly. I’m not one to just go out and buy lunch for the hell of it. If I’m going out, I’m catching up with a friend or spending time with loved ones and to me that’s worth it.

My Health
Anything that keeps me healthy is worth my money. I don’t mean fad diets, quick-fix weight loss programmes or slimming pills – those things are awful, expensive and are promising unrealistic expectations essentially poisoning the minds of people who don’t know how to look after themselves. What I do spend my money on is a good pair of trainers, protein, water bottle, basic workout gear and my gym membership. My gym is only £28 a month – a price I’m happy to pay for what I get from it.

When we moved into this current house we were renting it was completely unfurnished. Literally no bed, no white goods and no wardrobes – just a blank slate. We talked about it and realised that if we invest in these items now then we when buy a house, that’s not an extra £1000 we have to spend to furnish it. Everything in our home will last us many years and is 100% ours. We got our bed (£160), mattress (£150), washing machine (£190), fridge freezer (£170) and sofa (£180) which will all last us many years.



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