Prezola Review – The Wedding Gift List

If you don’t know what Prezola is and you’re getting married you should probably put down this blog and go have a look right now! Prezola has been used by a few of my friends before and I think their service is amazing.

Read on for why you should use Prezola on your big day.

When I think about registering for wedding gifts previously, I thought of going into a John Lewis and picking out a bunch of crap we didn’t need or want – I thought that was my only option. But then a few of my friends used Prezola and it showed me a different way.

Are you like me where you already have all the physical things you need or want.? And if you have some spare money at the end of the month, you go try a hobby or book a flight somewhere? Well Prezola let’s you register for experiences (as well as physical gifts). What an amazing idea!

So you sign up and just start building your list (I’ll be posting mine for inspiration nearer the time!). It also gives you a website to host it all on. You list your gifts, the value of each experience, chuck a few other things on the website such as venue details, your story and local hotels and taxi firm numbers and that’s a lot of the work done for you. You pick a designated day to receive the gifts and if it’s an experience than can’t be physically purchased and sent (e.g. gift voucher to a place that doesn’t sell vouchers) then you just get your money in the bank account after the wedding.

When I first heard about this I assumed they took a few percent commisson on each item but no. It’s £59! That’s all. I was super shocked when I found out. So for less than £60 you get:

Thousands of gorgeous gifts to choose from
Products from 300 top brands
Prezola gift vouchers – complete flexibility to decide later
Donations to any charity
Free wedding website with full gift list integration
Free delivery for you and your guests
10% discount on gifts you buy for yourself
Unlimited pre-delivery exchanges
Standard UK mainland delivery
Personal Shopper Service
Free gift list cards to give to your guests
Premium UK mainland delivery
Flexible commission-free honeymoon fund
Discreet cash gifts for any purpose
Custom gifts – any item from any retailer

By the way, this post isn’t paid for by Prezola or anything – I literally am this passionate about the idea. Below are a few things that are certainly on our list:

  • Theatre Tokens
  • Spa Day
  • Archery Taster Class
  • Vineyard Tour
  • Shakespears Globe Tour and Play Tickets

I can’t wait to get signed up! Let me know what’s on your gift list


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