The 5 Worst Christmas Presents

A present is a present and I’m thankful for everytime someone thinks of me. But there are some present’s that should stay as idea’s! It’s a little soon for Christmas posts but I wanted to make sure no-one was making these mistakes. 

Something For Their Obscure Hobby

The likelihood is that you won’t get it right. If my Dad was into fishing then I wouldn’t have a clue what kind of lure or wire or whatnot to get him. Getting it wrong would be worse than getting him something else and leave the buying to him.

Something HUGE

You’ve seen those teddies that are 5 foot? How hilarious and funny would that be to gift your 3 year old niece – she would look so adorable cuddling it. However think about how inconvenient that is to the parents who have to move it, clean it and deal with it when your niece wants to take it on holiday.

Something Expensive

Hear my logic out. If your friend and yourself normally spend around the £15 mark then suddenly buying them a £200 gift can throw the friendship out of whack. They might feel uncomfortable receiving that kind of gift when they got you a novelty umbrella from Primark.

Something You’re Getting Rid Off

”Thanks Aunt Julie for this wicker bin you’re clearly not using anymore. No honestly it was on my wish list” said no-one ever.

And finally…

Something About Diet / Fitness / Weight Loss

They could have been talking about losing weight for years but until they’re ready, don’t even try to help. Weight gain, depression and a strong desire to not deal with it yet is a horrible circle of self-hatred. Don’t throw flames on that fire.




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