My Favourite Low Calorie Snacks When Travelling

Staying on the diet when travelling is very hard. For the most part I just do my best by packing low-calorie snacks when I’m on the move and reaching for these before I reach for something from the shop. Below are my highly recommended low-cal snacks for travelling.

I always pack a few spare disposable cups when I go travelling so I can have a coffee in one, a soup in the other and a green tea in the third and dispose without any worry. Everything else I keep in a secure lunchbox in ziplock bags.

Cashew Nuts
Pre-bagged in 100cal portions

Oxo Cubes
Lovely when you’re cold and craving some warm broth. Just pop a cube in a mug and fill with water for a warm soup drink for less than 10cals.


Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins
I am such a sucker for the 24cals packet one – so low cal and yummy.

Cup a Soup
My favourite is the Minestrone – I could eat that all day. It’s only 85 cals!

Salted Caramel Green Tea
0 cals and a lovely taste in cold months. As healthy as a green tea with a little more taste.

YoYo Snacks
Around 60 cals per packet for some pure dried fruit.

Cold Green Tea
Just pop these in with your bottle of water for a cold-brew style green tea. 0 Cals.

Miso Soup 
These branded Sachets are only 40cals and so yummy.

Fruit Tea
Always only 0cals and delicious.

Always make sure you’ve got sweeteners as some places won’t stock them and you don’t want to have to use sugar cause you’re not used to black coffee yet. They scan in MyFitnessPal as 0cals each.

Cold/Flu Drinks
When travelling you’ll be going in an out of danger zones for picking up bugs. I don’t use these for weight-loss but whist I’m carrying around the lunchbox, I may as well keep some sachets in for when I get ill.



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