How to Make a Frugal DIY Dressing Room

Nearly every person needs a place to wake up in the morning, put on their face and pick their outfit. I find that I feel more confident if I look good and so I’ve put together a guide for how to create a dressing room or area that will make you kick ass throughout the day.

Firstly, pick a room in your house or a section of a room you’d like to change. We converted our second bedroom as we have no other use for it. This also means our bedroom can be minimal and clutter free.

Secondly, set a theme for your dressing room. For mine I chose white with accents of gold as that seemed cheap to do and already went with the white walls. Gold ornaments can be picked up for next to nothing from Primark, Home Bargains and charity shops.

Thirdly, set aside time to some some DIY. These suggestions below are cheap but with cheap comes some extra work. Set aside a weekend to build furniture, spray paint and rearrange because that’s what DIY is about.

So what are the components for a luxury dressing room / area…?

1. A Vanity Desk

Pre-made vanity desks are £100+ but you can easily convert a pain cheap desk from Ikea like the one pictured into something beautiful. Buy a desk for under £50 (this one pictured is only £35) and use the product pictured to make a sleek marble effect looking desk.

I paid a bit more (£55 if I recall) because my desk had drawers which I found helpful for storing all my make up but if you already have storage for make up such as boxes or shelving then this will be all you need.


2. A Vanity Mirror

A folding mirror or stand up mirror like the one above (£10 from Ikea) is great for ensuring your hair and make up is on point. If you find a cheap mirror but don’t like the colour, pick up a £5 spray can from Wilko’s and make it the colour you want!

3. A Luxury Chair

These chairs are £3.99, £12 and £32.99 (all from Argos). If you spray paint the legs gold and add a rug to the seat, you get some gorgeous chairs for a very low budget!

4. Theatrical Rails

These rails are £10 (top) and £18 (bottom) and give a sense of dressing up to any dressing room (both from Argos). We have two of the one on the left and besides a few hiccups when I’ve overloaded it, they’re still standing strong 2 years later.

5. Drawers For Smalls

These drawers are only £35 from Ikea and are great for your underwear and Pj’s. You can even use the left over marble top to make it match your desk.

6. Accents

Finally you want to fill your room with little bits that match your colour theme. Some ideas to search are curtains, clocks, desk organisers, vase’s, standing lights, desk lights and general things to make your room feel more like a dressing room!




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