How to Spend Just 10% of the Average Wedding Cost

According to this article from the average wedding costs £30,111. That’s a mind boggling big number right there. I didn’t even want to spend £3k on my wedding when I first got engaged. However I’ve come to accept that some things cannot be done for cheap without scrimping on quality you need (e.g. a photographer). Below are the average breakdown for each part of a UK wedding and I’ve added how i’m going to do it for less!

I am cheap. I think this is coming across on this blog so far and I don’t mind one bit. If you save during one part of your life, you can spend during another. That’s exactly the same for a wedding.

Our plan for this wedding is to pay for a group accommodation venue to put all our loved ones in for the weekend and have the wedding in the gardens. We were never interested in having the whole formal affair and this suits us perfectly. Read below on how we’ve restructured our wedding to keep well below the national average wedding costs.

Wedding Venue: £2,790 + Reception Venue: £3,919 = Both Venues £6,709 

Unless you have money to spare, there’s nothing to be gained to having your venues separate. My finance and I decided a while ago to combine to two and save thousands. We’ve recently got a quote for a 3 night stay for 25 bedrooms for £2,800 (inc VAT).

Catering: £3,959

We are choosing to self-cater for the 3-night weekend. Thankfully 2 members of our family are cooks so we are looking at a budget for the weekend of £1000 including breakfast, spreads, dinners and the wedding food.

Photography / Video: £1,046

This is something I think cannot be saved on as we want quality. We are mentally putting aside £1000 however we will shop around for the best deal nearer the time.

Flowers: £638

We won’t be decorating with flowers, having a sit down meal to decorate or buy from a florist. M+S do a range of bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets for just £150 – and they look gorgeous.

Cake: £300

We recently hired a baker for my fiancés birthday. The cake was huge and catered to 60 people for just £50. We are going to ask her to do a plain white cake with simple ribbon for our wedding cake.

Entertainment: £773

Spotify + speakers at the location = £0. Why pay for a corny DJ these days? Most summer weddings I’ve been too don’t even have people on that dance floor – they’re outside enjoying the sun.

Dress: £1,378

I’m going with separates to make my dress much cheaper. The skirt has cost me £24, the view was gifted by my best friend from her wedding, the fur shrug for the evening was £50 and I hope to bring my lacy top in for under £25 leading to a total of £100.

Shoes: £161

Heels and myself do not match so I’m probably going to invest in some white heels for £75 to ensure I don’t have pain all day. However part of me knows i’ll kick them off and am tempted to wear flats!

Stationery: £271

All my invites will be via email and so it’s a grand total of £0. I also think it’s a lot less faff as you can have them RSVP directly into a spreadsheet with dietary requirements and names of plus ones.

Veil: £138

My veil was very lovingly donated by my best friend and is perfect for my outfit too. Price = £0.

Bridesmaid’s + Groomsmen outfits: £436

Very and Asos (to name just 2) have amazing bridesmaid dresses for under £50 so I’m looking to bring my dresses in under £100 for all. The groomsmen will be asked to wear just a plain black suit and we will give them waistcoats to wear. Total price £200.

Mother-of-the-bride outfit: £349

Sorry Mum! £0

Groom’s outfit: £439

We will likely buy a new black suit so it can be used again for funerals, weddings, interviews and events. Estimated cost including tailoring: £200

Beauty: £301

Read my thoughts on why you should do your own hair and make-up here. £0.

Engagement ring: £3,037

Don’t be afraid to buy second-hand. My ring is valued at a lot more than my fiancé paid and I couldn’t be prouder of him for getting a deal. I’ll do a post soon on how to get your ring cheaper. £450

Wedding rings: £809

We are looking to spend around £500. We know we can get this cheaper however we want to do this experience where you spend all day at a forge and create each others wedding rings.

Other wedding jewellery: £176

No need for other jewellery – everyone has enough to wear to bring from home! £0.

Honeymoon: £4,413

We’ve not discussed honeymoon yet but I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending over £1000 on it – and that seems like a lot. Thankfully we will ask our friends and family to pay for things to do on our honeymoon as a wedding gift so that number should shrink!

Gift list: £2,400

We would love to spend that kind of money on our friends and family but I know they would prefer a sincere present of something that means a lot to them like gift cards to a spa day or something for their home. Our top budget for all our bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents are £500.

Our ideal spend comes out at £7025. That is a lot of money but we will be asking people to pay for their accommodation (£2800) and pay towards our honeymoon as gifts (£1000). This brings our outgoing spend to just £3,225 – 10.7% of the national average!


One thought on “How to Spend Just 10% of the Average Wedding Cost

  1. I spent about $9000… I was aiming for $5000 lol. But overall I didn’t come out to bad considering the average is about $30000 over here as well.

    If my wife was a much as a spreadsheet lover as I am, things would have been different lol 😦


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