Party Planning: Hosting Halloween

haunted house

Throwing a party – maybe your first party – can seem like an expensive and daunting task. Have a read below and hopefully by the end you’ll feel inspired to have a go yourself.  Follow these steps to keep your under £50 for everything.

Step 1: Grab a Partner

Last time I hosted, my friend came around on the morning of the party to help me set everything up. The great thing about having a partner is the time, cost and effort is halved whilst the fun, ideas and coffee is doubled. Having a partner help me set up was key for doing this on a budget.

Step 2: Section Your Home

Decide which rooms of your home you’re going to decorate. I recommend one floor if you have a house. If you have a flat then go for every room that’s not a bedroom. When we hosted last year, we decorated the garden too as we recently purchased a chiminea and wanted to make a haunting candle-lit outside area.

Step 3: Everybody Loves a Good Theme

Look around your home and decide on a theme that will be easy to do with your layout.  For our party we went with an asylum theme where the first room was set up like their induction as a pateint. But you could turn your home into a graveyard, a vampire lair or a science laboratory.

Step 4: Procure Some Props

Using Google and Pinterest, make a wish list of props to buy to fit your chosen theme. This will save time down the line whilst you’re wandering aimlessly around Wilko’s. Buy only to fit your theme and you’ll reinforce it throughout.

Step 5: Sips, Chips and Dips

Using the theme, pick some ideas for food and drinks. Don’t forget some vegetarian options and a range of smaller bottles for drinks to please everyone. For our asylum theme we also had some medicine bottles and pill bottles for our guests to take their ‘medicine’ (drinks) in.

Step 6: Go Easy on Your Costume

You’re already throwing a killer party, don’t let your costume add any more stress onto your day. Stick to ‘real people’ costumes as creatures, animals or cartoon characters are much harder due to their general shape being very far away from a humans.

Step 7: Shop Savvy

There’s no point heading into Selfridges or Harrods for decorations you’ll use once. I highly recommend these shops for cheap and fun decorations: The Range, Wilko’s, B+M, Primark, Home Bargains & Poundland. A quick whizz around these shops, plus a supermarket for food and drink, gave us what we needed.

Step 8: Get Back, Get Decorating and Get It On!

There’s not much left at this stage apart from putting the props where planned, clobbering together your costume and set up the sips, chips and dips. Don’t forget to get a Spotify playlist together and borrow a few blu-ray horrors for the night.

By the way… most people bring alcohol and food to a house party which means that we spent around £50 for our party and yet were left with close to £100 worth of alcohol and food at the end of the night. I asked my guests to take what they want but all were happy to leave it which actually put us in profit and saw us though Christmas 2016. A little benefit to hosting!



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