A Taste of Scotland

Last week my parents completed a 17-day tour of Scotland visiting islands, doing Whiskey tasting classes, eating the finest Scottish food and exploring the highlands and lochs. They brought us back a care package of Scottish treats – I thought it was so wonderful I just had to share.

Because I’m fairly healthy, this will last a long time as we have bits and bobs here and there as treats. But bringing a care package back from where you visited may not be the cheapest present but certainly is one of the most thoughtful, long lasting and fun souvenirs you can bring back loved ones.

Heather plant

Mackie’s Honeycomb Chocolate

McAllisters Peppery Haggis Oatcakes

Caulders Fudge and Tablet

Caitness Biscuits

Isle of Skye beer

Sugar Free Irn Bru

Mrs Bridges Lemon Curd

Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Biscuit

And all together…


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