Questions You Need to Ask Your Venue for a Wedding

We are doing a DIY wedding and with that comes a tonne of planning. Recently we’ve been looking at some venues and although it can seem laborious and repetitive, we’ve been asking these essential questions. Once you’ve picked out your theme and you’ve found a venue to suit, don’t make an expensive mistake because you forgot to ask one of these.


  • What time can we get in the venue?
  • What time does the last guest have to be out by?
  • How many people does this room need to look full?
  • What’s the maximum limit of guests?
  • Is there disabled access?
  • How many toilets are there?
  • How many cars can the carpark take?
  • Is there a coatroom?
  • Is there a place for gifts?
  • Can you provide local taxi firm and hotel suggestions?


  • What is the price of your tables / chairs?
  • Can we bring in our own tables / chairs?
  • Can I move anything?
  • Are there restrictions on what can be placed where?
  • Is there a canopy gazebo option?
    How much extra is that?
  • Can I put up my own canopy / gazebo?
  • What kind of confetti do you request?
  • Do you allow fireworks / lanterns / candles?


  • What is the price of your linen / plates?
  • Can we bring in our own linen / plates?
  • Do you provide catering options?
    If yes, what are they and how much?
    Can we make changes?
    Do you provide vegetarian / vegan / dietary requirements options?
    How will the staff be dressed?
    How many staff will be assigned?
  • Can we bring our own caterers?
    If yes, do they have access to the kitchen?
    Do you have any requirements for them?
  • Can we hire external vendors such as burger vans or bbq vans?
    What access will they have?
  • Where will the cake be stored during the day?
  • Do we need to pay extra to hire the cake stand & knife?

Bar / Drinks

  • What is the price of your glasses?
  • Can we bring in our own glasses?
  • What are the prices and options for free or paid bar?
    Do you have a license to consume alcohol on the premises?
    How late will the bar stay open?
    How will the bar persons be dressed?
    How many servers will be provided?
  • Can we supply our own alcohol?
    Is there a corkage fee for that?
    Will your staff serve our alcohol?


  • Do you have a microphone and speaker for speeches?
  • Is there a resident DJ?
    What is their style?
    How will they be dressed?
    How long will they play for?
  • Can I provide my own DJ?
    Where are the power points for them?
    Do you have any requirements for them?
  • Can I just plug in an iPod and let music play?
  • When do we have to stop playing music?


  • Are there any other costs other than what we’ve spoken about?
  • What else will be happening at this venue on the same day?
  • What is the final price (including VAT)?
  • What is the cancellation/postponement policy?
  • When does the deposit need to be paid?
  • When does the final balance need to be paid?

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