Media Worth The Money: Health Books

”Weight Control (40,666)
Low Fat (32,824)
Health, Family & Lifestyle(116,162)
Health Issues (101,111)
Healthy Eating (13,179)
Food & Drink (81,467)
Quick & Easy Meals (2,720)”
Amazon results for ‘Diet Book’ Sept 2017
= 388,129 books…

There’s 388,129 books on Amazon to date that discuss diet (I’ve not even added on exercise specific books) and I’m going to recommend just 9. That’s 0.0023% of the books available to you so hopefully I’m going to  save you some time!

I’ll link to the Amazon page so you can read more about them but I recommend you buy them second hand of eBay. ‘WorldofBooks‘ and ‘Wordery‘ are where I get 99% of my books at a discounted price. Please check them out.

I’ll order them in the order I acquired them but I recommend them all for different types of people with different goals.

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
I purchased this book when I was a teenager and it was probably my first experience of a different kind of diet book. Sometimes it can be preachy and it’s sly about trying to force veganism upon you but in a world of nice-talking diet books, this book cut through with it’s sharp tongue which makes you feel like your friend is being honest about your fatness after a few glasses of wine.

The Student Cookbook by Hamlyn
I got both these books as a student and they’re amazing. There are tens of thousands of student cookbooks out there but none, in my opinion, are as basic and helpful as these. The first page is literally how long to boil an egg. I grew up with a cook for a mother so I didn’t even know the basics because she cooked every meal so this was so helpful for learning the basics. I got both the vegetarian book and the normal for variety but you could get by with just one as they’re similar recipes with or without meat.

The Programme by Jessie Pavelka
This hunk was the star of one of my guilty TV pleasures ”Fat: The Fight of My Life”. I found the way he taught weight loss to be informative and easy to understand. His book is the same and I recommend it as a starting point for healthy food and exercise.

How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger
This isn’t so much a book you read for a light hearted look into the world of weight loss – it’s a big ass book. This book explains, in a medical way, the right nutrition to prevent disease so we can live healthier & longer.

How to Lose Weight Well by Dr Xand Van Tulleken
Hunk no 2 is a host of the TV show by the same name. I love this book as it debunks all the crappy diets you’ve seen out in the world and why they suck. He explains in really basic, easy terms, how to look after yourself. I recommend this book for people at the start of their journey or as a gift to encourage anyone.

Food Rules by Michael Pollan
This book was actually recommend by Dr Xand Van Tulleken and after I enjoyed that book so much, I thought I would pick this one up to. I’m so glad I did as it’s the basics of why a healthy diet works and what it does. A great coffee table book or confirmation for all the other books on the list. 

Chose More, Lose More by Chris Powell
and Extreme Transformation by Chris and Heidi Powell
This book at the one below are both written by Hunk No3 Chris Powell who specialised in extreme weight loss (like losing 50% of your body fat). If you have a long way to go, I recommend this and the next one. 

The Big Fat Truth by JD Roth
My latest and current book I’m reading. This is written by the TV producer of A LOT of the shows I like to watch about weight loss. He talks about behind the scenes, how they pick and help contestants, what they’re up to and how they kept the weight off. He’s very no-nonsense and inspiring. 



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