Save VS Splurge: Date Night

date night meal for 2

”A Redbook survey of readers found that 45 percent of couples “rarely” have date nights. A mere 18 percent said they manage to go out around once a month.” – TheHuffingtonPost

I firmly believe that in a long term relationship, you need to set aside some time to spend together, flirt and make each other laugh. However it can sometimes seem ‘expensive’ to do that when you already live together or spend every available moment together. Below are some cheap versions of some of my favourite date ideas so you can reconnect without it lightening your purse

Dining Out Date
Treat yourselves to a meal out for 2 at the finest restaurant in town.
Invest in a Tastecard or Gourmet Society card and pick a restaurant that offers 241 or other savings. If you regularly dine out, you’ll make the cost of the card back in a few meals. Alternatively – weather permitting – pack a picnic full of food already in the cupboard, take an old blanket or bedsheets and relax in the local park

Dining In Date
Cook a 3 course extravagant meal with candles, wine and desert.  
Find a Pinterest meal you can cook together, put some music on and wear something more than just your lounge wear. Some of the most fun we’ve had together was making our own pitta pizza’s.

Adventure Date
Splurge: Purchase an adventure day out through a company to do a few hours on each activity.
Pick 1 activity you both want to try, buy a Groupon, Last Minute or Wowcher and try a new activity together. For even cheaper, take a hike or bike ride in the local area.

Shopping Date
Splurge: Go to Regent Street and spend hundreds  buying things for each other you’ll wear once.
Take a trip to Cheshire Oaks or Bicester Village and give each other a limit such as £50 then treat each other on little bits or one big thing throughout the day.

Activity Date
 Commit to a 6-week course in something you’ve both never done. Go to one class and continue to pay the fee for the rest. 
Look at what your local area offers such as taster classes or cheap first classes. Where I live, you can do a pottery class for £10 per person and you get to keep what you make. We will be trying this in 2018.

Afternoon Tea Date
Visit a hotel nearby and buy the champagne afternoon tea for around £40-50 per person.
Harvey Nichols do an extravagant afternoon tea for £22 per person. Even cheap you local cafe’s will likely do something for around £10-15 per head. Even cheaper you should try making your own together.



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