Wedding Do’s and Don’ts – An Interview With a Former Bride

There are a thousand guides online for how to plan your wedding. As a newbie it can be extremely daunting so I wanted to sit down with my best friend Kat for whom I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid for this year.

Kat and I have been friends for over 10 years and she’s the closest thing to a sister I have – so I knew she would give me the truth for an essential wedding ‘do and don’t’ list.

Do Remember to Budget All Costs Prior

”I didn’t consider drinks at all – which is obviously a big thing at weddings! I thought a lot about the venue, the structure of the and food. And then forgot about drinks. We hired a barman and hadn’t factored in the cost of drinks or him and he was a big cost. Probably because we aren’t big drinkers ourselves.” – Kat

Don’t Get Married Too Late In The Day

”We got married at 4pm. If we did it again, we would have had get married earlier so we had more time to spend with our guests. A lot of the day prior to 4pm, I was getting ready and away from my husband. However, doing it that late meant we had a very relaxed morning lie in together – which was great.” – Kat

Do Ask Everyone For Help

”On reflection, I would have thought more about what people could contribute to. I’ve not been a bridesmaid since I was 2 so I didn’t know what to ask of people” – Kat

Don’t Flag on the Diet

”I wish I had lost more weight. Everyone says you lose weight over the stress just before the wedding but I just seemed to gain more.” – Kat

Do Give Activities to the Guests

”I didn’t anticipate how much fun the outdoor games would be. I would have had loads more as the bouncy castle and giant Jenga kept everyone entertained for hours.” – Kat

Don’t Spend Too Much on Your Dress

”As much as it was beautiful, perfect and I loved it – it was a lot of money and I now have nothing to do with it”. – Kat

Do Plan the Decor

”We brought a lot of decor that we didn’t use. It we were more organised it would have been fine but we just purchased things for the sake of it. I would have got less of it as things were unopened” – Kat

Do Get Your Team Motivated And Organised the Day Before

”The day before when we were setting up it was really hot and everyone was getting tired so we settled a little on some of the organising however we should have put more effort in the day before and thought about where everything should go.” – Kat

Don’t Rush the Legal Bit

”Because we got married in a field we had a legal ceremony the morning of the wedding. When in the planning stage we just wanted to get it done and go. We chose the quickest option with no readings or music. But in retrospect, we should have made it a ‘thing’ with more people because it was part of the day. But logistically we just thought it wouldn’t have been worth it to arrange travel for everyone but it would have made our celebrations longer.” – Kat

Do Have a Stag / Hen Do

”I didn’t have a Hen-do but I did want one. At the time, I was just so busy and it felt like another thing to organise and sort out. A few important people were coming back from China and USA for the wedding so we couldn’t have the Stag/Hen at a reasonable date prior to the wedding and so close to it felt stressful. But on reflection I did want one!” – Kat

Don’t Forget the After-Wedding Work

”Remember the thank you cards. And write down when you open your presents who got you what so you can thank them.” – Kat

And what tips would you give to someone going through the process?

Enjoy it and be as organised as you can. Plan your wedding in a good amount of time so it doesn’t feel like a rush (in the last few months before the day we did most of the work). On the day, enjoy it as much as possible – it’s a cliche but it goes so fast. I didn’t have time to eat – just drinking (which was fun). Make sure you have enough time on the day to spend with everyone.


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