Nutrition Explained: Carbohydrates


Not all carbs are created equal and you shouldn’t just cut out a group. You should understand the basics so you can better make choices such as opting for complex carbohydrates and why that’s actually good for you. I’ve broken down the basis into bitesize bubbles to help you digest the  information easy (pun totally intended).

  • In 1g of carbohydrates there are 4cals.


  • Carbohydrates are made from carbon, hydrogen + oxygen (water).
  • They combine to make 3 basic sugars.
  • Common examples are: Glucose, Fructose and Galactose.
  • These are called ‘monosaccharides’.


  • If 2 of the basic sugars combine, they make a ‘disaccharide’.
  • For example, glucose + fructose = sucrose (table sugar)
  • And glucose + galactose = lactose (which is found in diary)
  • These disaccharides are found in simple carbs like pastries, candy and fruit.
  • They are easily digested and give you quick energy


  • Complex carbohydrates are made from hundreds or thousands of monosaccharides.
  • They combine to make things such as starch which can be found in bread, pasta and cereal.
  • They provide longer lasting energy as the body has to digest them into simple sugars first.

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