Media Worth The Money: Video Games

breath of the wild

Video games are hit and miss with whether or not they are worth the money. For me a video game needs to be long lasting and have replay value to be worth my time and the money in my purse. Below, in no order, are the games I would recommend to anyone for being amazing, lengthy and replay-able year in year out. 

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the 5th game in a franchise of which I’ve never played anything else from. You play as a dragon-hunting, free-roaming badass and are free to do the quests in any order, anyway, anytime. I can replay this game again and again and dread to think how many hours I’ve played through. Truly one of my favourite games.

  • Assassins Creed: Black Flag is part of the AC franchise but I can only endorse this game. I’m fairly late to playing this but I love it. You play as a pirate who roams around winning naval battles, fighting baddies and upgrading your ship. 

  • The Bioshock Collection is the collection of the 3 games in the Bioshock series (1, 2 and ‘Infinite’). They are creepy, haunting, whimsical, adventurous and beautiful all in one. Send in a retrofuturism world, these games are amazing and replay-able. 

  • The Fallout Games are another retrofuturism collection of haunting dystopian wasteland that you can explore for hours on end without a hint of boredom. Highly recommend Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

  • Tomb Raider 1 and 2 (from 2013 and 2015 respectfully) are the rebooting of the popular franchise set when she’s in her young 20s. There is so much to do in these games including upgrades, collectables and tomb puzzles.  

  • The Uncharted games are the grown up version of Tomb Raider (in my eyes). You play as charismaic (and confusingly sexy) Nathan Drake as he explores tombs Indy-style. An amazing game with heaps of replay value. 

  • If I can only recommend one Mario game it would be Super Mario 3D World. I love this game so freakin’ much and although other ones like Super Mario 64 always have a place in my heart, this game is amazing for modern audiences on a modern console with heaps of collectables, challenges and is frankly just fantastic. 

  • And if I can only recommend one game from the Zelda franchise it would be the new 2017 game Breath of the Wild. Like Mario there are other games dearer in my heart but on a universal level, this game has everything you want in an open world and doesn’t disappoint.

I am a big video game player. I have been since I can remember. And as such my friends played video games and we shared and swapped the latest games. There are millions of female gamers in the world and it’s not a big deal BUT it was only in my most recent ‘girly’ job where I work with fashion-obsessed under 30s women that I’ve started to feel alone in my video game playing ways. I can’t come in and talk about my night and how I got this trophy or this collectable. Maybe thats a good thing. I can compartmentalise quite well and there’s nothing like taking down  dragon to feel good after a bad days work.

So if you like these games and you’ve got something to recommend to me then give me a comment or email 🙂



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