Save VS Splurge: Halloween Edition


It may seem slightly early but for myself there’s only 1 pay day between now and halloween so if you were thinking about hosting a party it’s best to get the budget book out soon and take a look at these money-saving options.

ANYTHING that you print or have to pay to be printed. Also included is anything that you have to post. We don’t live in 1995 anymore.
Set up a Facebook page for the event, throw up a simple picture and details such as time, venue and theme. Later on people will also use it as reference when they forget the time, venue and theme. 

Splurge: Hiring out a hall, decorating every inch and expensive 1-time-use decorations like monsters than move slightly when someone walks by.
Save: Host at home, give it a theme and decorate just the downstairs or even just your main room. Get your decorations from Wilko’s, Home Bargains and B+M Bargains. Store they right and you can use them next year too.

Splurge: Buying lots of books, ingredients and trying to bake strange themed cakes is a bad idea if you’ve never baked before. Also don’t try and cook a 5 course set themed menu unless it’s to use to food already in the house. And finally and foremost don’t even think about hire a catering company.
Save: Host a potluck relevant to your theme or do a simple 2 course meal full of ingredients you can afford. Or host a buffet but budget so it doesn’t rack up. Themed goods can get expensive.

Splurge: Hiring a perfect costume from a shop costing upwards of £50
Save: I’ll be doing a blog post soon about the best costumes for under £10 but the golden rule is to pick characters you already look like to save money on just buying a few things so everyone knows who you are. Also pick real life characters so you’re spending a lot of money on face paint to look nothing like a Simpson.

Splurge: Buying or renting anything such as a movie or video game when we all own so much that can be contributed.
Save: Board games, Spotify, blu rays and video games that you all already own.

Splurge: Hiring a barman and asking them to bring and create themed drinks using rare ingredients no-one actually likes.
Save: Host a BYOB (bring your own booze) party and every every guest to bring something that can be shared. Alternatively just buy wine and beer. No cocktails or fancy drinks.


2 thoughts on “Save VS Splurge: Halloween Edition

  1. I like how you made comparisons between each topic. I can’t wait to start decorating my house with Halloween stuff lol. I bought a lot of clearance items last year and I am totally prepared for this year.


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