Wine, Dine and Sunshine


Wine, Dine and Sunshine is Harvey Nichols Sample Set Dinner Menu. It’s extremely good value if you’re craving a fancy night out but don’t want the cost alongside it. It’s 3 courses and a cocktail for only £22 – a price I think is more than fair for the quality of food you receive

My Starter
Battered scrimp on a bed of avocado and sour cream.
I loved the bed of avocado and the sour cream. I prefer my prawns to be un-battered and the menu didn’t state they were battered but I ate them up no problem anyway.

My Meal
Aromatic duck on a bed of miso with a breadcrumbed spring onion and tender stem broccoli
My favourite course. This aromatic duck was perfectly cooked with no fat. The miso bed was something I’ve never had before but as a fan of miso, I’ll be trying to recreate at home. The battered spring onion was a bit random and could have been replaced by a small portion of rice or baby potatoes. The broccoli was amazing – just wanted more of it.

My Desert
Clotted cream, srawberries, pastrias and, what I think was, fondant – maybe
This was a very yummy desert and tasted very French with the pastry and fresh fruit. The pink stuff on the bottom was very sugary for me but it was easy to eat around.

My Mum’s Desert
Banoffee and peanut butter with banana and cream.
She loved this desert and reported it to be very filling and tasty.

This is the current menu for the location I visited (Manchester) which differs from above. My experience in HN is that you’ll get good food & good service whenever and whichever location you go to.


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