Implementing The Stranger Test

cash cash gotta get money

The Stranger Test – sounds creepier than it is!

When purchasing, a lot of people will only consider if they can afford it – not if they should actually buy it. Here’s how the test works:

  1. When your in the throws of wondering if you should purchase, you have to imagine there is a stranger standing in front of you. In one hand they have the item you’re looking at and in the other they have it’s value in cash.
  2. Ask yourself which hand you would pick given the choice.
  3. If you would rather have the cash for something else then don’t buy the item. Just because you can afford something, doesn’t mean you should buy it today.

For example, if a stranger were to come up and offer you £3 to not buy that cup of coffee you might reply “Thanks, but I’d really like this cup of coffee.” But if your response over a bigger purchase like a new HDTV set or a computer would be “Hmmm £800 would be a pretty nice credit card payment…” it’s probably best to put your funds to use fixing more immediate problems.


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