How to Improve Hotel Room for All Your Senses

hotel room

Since your own duvet, scented candles and your family aren’t exactly things you can bring along with you when traveling, you’ll need to pack a few other small necessities to make your hotel room warm and inviting rather than the hollow and empty atmosphere so usually found.

Savers and Body Care do these great foot socks full of gooey goo that you leave on for 20-30 minutes which are my guilty hotel-room pleasure. Pack a few of these (they’re only £1 for a pair normally), some nail polish, some face masks and some hair masks. Don’t wear them all at once or you won’t be able to move but you should certainly pamper ever inch of your tired-travelling body.

Most hotel rooms come with either a heater or some air con depending on the country you’re in. Grab yourself a clip-on air freshener from places such as Home Bargains or Wilko’s and add it to your vent. For a relaxing evening pick lavender. As a bonus, once you’re leaving, your suitcase will smell lovely too. (If you get home sick, ask your partner for a top that smells of them to sleep in)

Personally I love to have a silent hotel room as my world is so loud day-to-day, there’s nothing more relaxing to me than silence. But for every me there’s loads of you’s so load up your Spotify with a very relaxing spa-sounding playlist or some classical piano. It may feel funny within the first couple minutes but you’ll get used to it soon enough. Let your ears explore and you’ll start to look forward to your hotel room bubbles.

Or if you want visual as well as audio, bring your laptop and your Netflix account. If you want to watch on TV, bring a HDMI cable and plug your laptop into the TV however in my experience the TV in hotel rooms aren’t often bigger than your laptop. Alternatively you could bring your PS pad and remote play, your Nintendo Switch pad or your handheld console of choice.

So often room service is one of three things: gross, expensive or even non-exsistant. To keep yourself from raiding something unhealthy and regrettable from the vending machine in the lobby, pack some healthy snacks. I would love to advise you to take carrots or boiled eggs but in truth you’ll probably need some low cal snacks such as pom bears, quavers, rice cakes, skips, dark chocolate, coffee beans, mixed nuts and dried fruit. If you have a kettle then include cup-a-soups, hot chocolate sachets, miso soup sachets and itsu pots.

The point I’m trying to get with above, is that you should take advantage of the quiet time away from home, pamper yourself and enjoy every sense as you rest from your travels.



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