How I’m Not Going to Spend £27,161 on my Wedding!

wedding bouquet flowers

”According to a new survey of 4,000 brides, the average cost of a UK wedding is now a whopping £27,161 – the highest it’s ever been and up 9.6% from last year.” – from 

Well I don’t have £27,161 in my back pocket and I have 0 desire to even spend a quarter of that on our wedding. We live in a culture where its seemingly important to throw all the money you have, don’t have and will owe towards this one day. It’s bizarre to me that celebrating the start of your new life together should start with overbearing debt! I have friends, smart worldly friends, who spend money they don’t have, to try and reach that allusive ‘perfect wedding day’.

When I attend a wedding, I’m not judging the Bride and Groom on how much they spent, if their food is worthy of a michelin star or if their flowers are the correct shade of cream. I’m just happy to be invited, excited to see them make vows and hope no-one else is wearing the same dress as me. Some of the best weddings I’ve been to have been half the cost of some of the worst. Money doesn’t equal happiness and never is that more true than planning a wedding.

I’ve struggled as the frugal part of me wants to do everything on the cheap but for example, I know I’ll regret scrimping on the photographer as that lasts forever. So I wrote a little list of what is priority to me and what is not.  

I’m not spending a lot of money on….

  • Cake
  • Flowers
  • Dress
  • Food
  • Hair / Make up

So I can spend money on….

  • Venue
  • Decor
  • Photographer
  • Booze

I will do individual posts on how I’m keeping the cheap stuff cheap to be able to afford the important stuff without breaking the bank! Stay tuned…


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