Free Things to Do in Autumn / Fall

Free activites are really easy to find in the Summer but as the nights get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s hard to find things to do for free. Below are 10+ free ideas to keep you socialising, living and experiencing this Autumn:

‘Winterize’ your Home
This means get all the thick blankets washed and on the end of the bed, display all the winter smelling candles, put up the thick curtains, get the draft excluders out and prepare to argue about the heating temperature!

‘Winterize’ your Garden
Rake up all the leaves, take all the summer furniture and BBQ into the shed, bring out the chiminea/fire pit, put out fresh bird feeders

Prep Activities
Make a list of all the things you want to achieve before the end of the year such as finishing off the scrap book, writing your Christmas budget, getting the carpet’s cleaned etc. If you live with friends or family, work together to achieve the goals rather than wait until a half-arsed new years resolution.

Go On a Hike/Bike
Often it’s just too warm and sweaty to do this in the summer and it’s too icy to do in the winter. Grab some good boots and take a long walk (or bike ride) – bonus points if you have a dog to take.

Make the Fire
I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with an open fire and it was a tradition to prep the fire for winter around Autumn time and set it ready for the day you needed it.

Go to a Food Festival / Market
I love going to these as they can be as cheap or as free as you like. Part of the enjoyment is the experiencing, the tasting and you might buy your winter freezer stock or you come away with a tiny bottle of mulled wine.

Make your Christmas List
It can be hard to be put on the spot with what you want for Christmas so have a think beforehand so if someone asks you, you can let them know what you want/need.

Visit a Farm, Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch
One for the big kids out there! Have a fantastically frugal day just relaxing up on a farm, petting the animals or even picking your own apples and pumpkin. Although some farms offer this for free, be a sport and donate something as a thank you.

Build a Bird House or Feeder
If you’re particularly craft (most frugal people are) then challenge yourself to build something a little bit more creative. You’ll find lots of resources online and you can be proud knowing the final result will help some animals.

Go on a Nature Walk
Nature needs no embellishment so turn off the electronics and experience nature by apple-picking, leaf-pressing, corn-maze exploring or something more adult like geocaching. Don’t forget to make and take a nature walk backpack with a journal, rations, magnifying glass & binoculars.

Make Smores / Pumpkin Soup / Homemade Soup
Whatever your choice of Autumn based food is, there’s no time more appropriate so grab a friend, some ingredients you already own, crank up the music and have a laugh.

Have a Bonfire, Fire Pit or Chiminea Party
The weather is just about good enough to still have an outdoor party without worrying too much about cold. Get your friends over, part cook all the food in the oven and ask your guests to bring something to add to the food pile and their own blanket. Crank up the music, stick some fairy lights up and have a great Autumn night.





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